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Rudhir offers workshops tailored to your specific organizational needs.

Workshops can range from 2 hours, half-day, full-day, or 2 day training sessions.

Below are workshop ideas to consider. Schedule a call with Rudhir to discuss your specific needs.


Tools for Handling Bias

  • The conversation on bias largely centers around the biases that each person in the workplace holds. Although awareness of bias may over time help decrease its prevalence in the workplace, it is imperative that we hold conversations on tools for those who are the recipients of bias on how to handle the compounding impact.

  • This workshop discusses how to manage these aggressions to mitigate the harm and stress and identifies mindfulness-based tools as the underlying framework to process these scenarios. This may help support wisely "responding" rather than "reacting" to circumstances.



Mindfulness Meditation 101
for Lawyers and Law Firms

  • Learn how meditation can help support you professionally and personally. Receive instruction on meditation posture, basic breathing techniques to help support meditation, and how to build comfort with sitting through a guided meditation.

  • This experiential workshop will include meditation practice to help employees immediately incorporate meditation into daily life and benefit immediately both professionally and personally.



Emotional Intelligence
for Managers

  • Emotional intelligence (EI) helps us understand how to communicate more effectively and improve interactions with co-workers, staff, management, and direct reports.

  • Begin to understand the value of emotional intelligence training, including understanding your behavioral approach to communication and recognizing how to manage your style towards more successful interactions with others.



Improving Communication
Through DISC

  • Leaders who understand their own personalities, motives and behavioral styles are more effective than those who don’t.

  • Participants will take a personality assessment, receive a detailed report about their personality and behavior, discover how their styles affect their workplace relationships, and explore the how their behavior style both supports and impedes them at work.



“I valued raising my self-awareness around leadership and understanding the blind spots in my workplace tendencies through the DISC exercises. Moving forward I have a plan to address the deficiencies directly.”


“This is the best leadership program I’ve been to in terms of content/substance that I Can take home with me and make a direct impact in my goal planning and execution. The program really raised my arenas to move/work on my advancement in the workplace (and community with more urgency.


Leadership or Business Development Circles

Although individuals may pick up leadership and BD skills up on their own, real progress comes through facilitating ongoing learning in a circle of trust and support. The Circles take place in-person or via Zoom meetings to combine leadership and/or BD training with teaching and peer coaching to empower attorneys with needed skills. Develop a year-long program internally at the firm with the following:

  • 6-12 months of custom programming to meet org cultural and business needs.

  • Gather a small group of high performing peers for facilitated conversations to teach core skills and create accountability.

  • Include assessments, development plans, and practical exercises to lock in growth.

  • Give individual coaching in between the group calls for targeted support.

  • Enhance firm culture by developing a core group of leaders with enhanced skills which can ultimately spread throughout the firm.



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