Rudhir Krishtel

 Rudhir Krishtel


Rudhir Krishtel is an executive coach and consultant focusing on workplace wellness and intensity. Many lawyers struggle with stress and lack of purpose in their practice. As a former lawyer, Rudhir coaches clients to identify the issues that hold them back from advancing in their career with clarity and fulfillment.

Prior to becoming an executive and consultant, Rudhir practiced law for 15 years as a federal clerk, patent litigation partner at Fish & Richardson, and then as senior patent counsel at Apple.

His lawyer days led him to train as a teacher for yoga (Baptiste Institute) and mindfulness meditation (Warrior One), and as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (Coaches Training Institute), to serve as a much-needed support for the legal community.


An Honest Perspective


I believe we need to transform the legal profession so that lawyers are happy and healthy in their pursuit of justice, ethical practice, and zealous representation of clients. However, for many lawyers, managing people, the demands of clients, and the stresses of the legal profession can compound into an endless cycle of frustration over the years. In my own journey, the more senior I got, the more alone I felt. The number of people I could turn to who could really help me work on the things that concerned me the most became fewer and fewer.


"I believe attorneys need someone dedicated in their corner that is looking out for their best interests." - Rudhir Krishtel


 I’ve seen too many friends compromise their health due to stress. I want to reverse this trend, and believe that simple tools and solutions are possible to get us back on track, personally and professionally. I encourage you to find someone you can connect with openly to discuss these things, or work with a coach who can help you identify roadblocks and create a clear plan forward. Let’s connect and schedule a discover call so you can move forward.